Our Christmas Workshop

Our workshop happened on Sunday. It was a perfect cold day to enjoy Christmas wreath making in lovely and warm Brookwood pottery in Santry.

We welcomed our jingle girls with mulled wine, cupcakes and mince pies. The atmosphere was very warm and friendly. We started off with making festive wreaths with fresh greenery, berries, cones and cinnamon. Everyone got their hands dirty and created amazing magical pieces. Some of them were more contemporary with succulents plants in them and some of them were classical and rich pieces that are going to fit perfectly on the door around Clontarf.

After a small break and more and more mulled wine...we started creating table arrangements in a lovely wooden box with a rustic candle. 
Everyone could let their imagination loose with choice of green pines, berries and flowers. They all looked amazing and very professional. I am sure they all will bring much joy this Christmas as it’s such a happiness to have a handmade piece on Christmas table. 

The girls said they would be happy to work for us and to be honest we would be happy to hire them :) as all the arrangements were wonderful and magical.
for the lovely video very big thank you goes to Martina from : Littlebigdog
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