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We Revamped Our Dublin Flower Shop!!

Having the flower shop for 5 years, it is really started to feel like it is time to put my real stamp on it. We started the works in June  hoping to have it done in 2-3 weeks . Of course , I have to admit I was pretty naive. Anyway , we had all the plans drawn and ready to go. In a mean time, we also wanted to run the business. so we were operating from a little cabin, which was the same size as the shop during the Irish heatwave, it was pretty much fun. We had few delays and also smaller and bigger bumps, but in the end it worked out so well. Now, only the final tiny finishing touches are waiting on us. I still can’t really decide which is my favourite part of the renewed Green Door Florist, we hope you enjoy the little video. We definitely love the new atmosphere  the pictures says it all!
After few good weeks my birthday wish came true finally. Words are not enough to express how happy I am and with the difference we created to our little shop. 
A very special thank you goes to these beautiful people who helped me and supported me to make this little quirky shop even prettier:

  • Stephen (the main dosser)
  • Zoli (assistant painter from Deme Housepainting)
  • Abel (the main painter from @demehousepainting)
  • Kasia (the headdesigner) and Dario Cwajgart (the labourer)
  • Tara (the perfect finishing touches)
  • Linda (signmaker)
  • Zotyo (beerdrinker and shelfmaker)
  • Gusto (storage)
  • Wildo Hruby (the supervisor fluffy border collie)
Also, have to mention the brilliant contractors for being so great and helpful.

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