Emilia’s eco vase

Emilia’s eco vase

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This beautiful handtied bouquet is elegant in its simplicity and presented in a classic recycled glass jar.

It's mainly made up of stunning lilies but with a mix of other colourful, seasonal flowers and a verdant backdrop of mixed greenery.  Its simplicity makes it versatile and suitable either as a centrepiece or just to cheer up the house.  We think the warm colours and pretty ribbon lend an air of romance which make it a great gift for special occasions or Valentine's.

This arrangement comes in two different sizes, with the large size being perfect for normal use or for special occasions, the luxury size is just the ticket for that extra special touch.  It is ideal for events or larger spaces such as reception areas.

The beautiful glass vase can be used many times over.  Don't you just love the way it gives off a blue tint when filled with water?  A real delight.

As with all of our bouquets and arrangements your personal variations and different designs can easily be accommodated.  Why not give us your suggestions to suit your personal taste and style!