Kasia’s Weekly Bouquet

Kasia’s Weekly Bouquet

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If you close your eyes tight and wish really hard, maybe you can make spring arrive early…  with this week’s bouquet you’ll feel like it’s here already!  

This week we’ve adapted our incredibly popular Lucy’s Mini Milk Bottles for our weekly bouquet.  It’s absolutely bursting with colourful blooms in to brighten up your room despite the gloomy weather we’ve been having.  It’s like bringing a rainbow inside!

There’s canary yellow mimosa and bright orange spray roses.  Elegant tulips in tangerine and salmon tones, which fade beautifully into the bubblegum pink of frilly roses.  Every shade of purple imaginable from magenta snapdragons and mauve wax flower, to lilac limonium and violet veronica.  The dulcet tones of skimmia and deep green foliage nestle between the flowers create a truly exuberant arrangement.

Order yours today and chase away the winter blues!

We create a unique design every single week using seasonal flowers to bring in the colours and fragrance of the outdoors, lifting the mood instantly.  Perfect for businesses who want regular, one of a kind arrangements without having to create the design themselves.

Be sure to order online early on Fridays as we have limited numbers and each design will be gone the next week!

Please be aware that weekly bouquets are limited in availability and the type of flowers can only be guaranteed if delivery is for within 24 hours of the order. Delivery on a future date may mean that a new weekly bouquet will be delivered instead.