Winter Wonderland Lantern

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Winter Wonderland Lantern

This incredible arrangement is based on the traditional colours of Christmas but we've added more...much more!

Our stunning bouquet combines rich reds, deep greens and fresh crisp whites to create that classic festive feel.  But true to form, we aren't content with the usual run of the mill ingredients!  Our reds are sourced from berries of course, but also elegant roses and a bright red apple.  Then we've added skimmia blooms and a variety of foliage, which lend a deeper mahogany tone for a vintage feel. 

And no ordinary greenery here!  Yes there's traditional pine, but also the deep green leaves of skimmia and ethereal silvery tones of eucalyptus.

We've finished the whole arrangement off with fresh white was and fluffy cotton blooms to lighten the mood.

The bouquet comes in a simple glass jar placed inside a rustic, wooden lantern - a two in one gift!  Once the flowers are removed, you can use it as a lantern by placing a candle or pretty fairy lights inside.

This is a festive bouquet with a light-hearted, fun feel, perfect for a gift.  Place your order today.